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15 August 2021


According to the Collins dictionary the saying ‘it’s better to be safe than sorry‘, advises someone ‘to take action in order to avoid possible unpleasant consequences later, even if it seems unnecessary’.  “As old-fashioned and over-used as this saying is, it still holds true today,” says ZDFin CEO Michael Schaefer.

“Hopefully, at this stage the AGM’s for a significant portion of all community schemes are in the rear-view mirror and Maintenance Plans have been both done diligently and approved and already underway and in  action.  If not, the ‘unpleasent consequences’ of the Collins description, may well be in store.”

Dramatics aside, the neglect of roof, gutter, drain and boundary wall maintenance, will soon be put to the test, once the Summer rains start.  Irrespective of the part of the country you live in and the nature of the seasonal maintenance issues facing you as a compliant body corporate or home owners’ association, what can you do to ensure that you have your maintenance schedule in hand and the funds allocated, in order to be prepared and ‘safe’ in the coming months?

“Planning for annual seasonal maintenance is vitally important in order for schemes to run efficiently and for Trustees to meet the legal and fiduciary requirements of the members they serve,” Schaefer emphasises. “Problems arise if this forward planning isn’t done and it only gets worse and more costly (exponentially in instances), as the problems accumulate.

For many schemes cash flow is often the barrier to action and as a result, essential maintenance work is ignored until it becomes critical.  This is where ZDFin is able to step in and provide real, affordable solutions to what may seem overwhelming limitations, giving schemes the relief and assistance they need, without incurring crippling costs.

“With ZDFin’s years of experience in the property management and maintenance arena, we are able to offer timeous, long lasting solutions, rather than simply point out the problems,” says Schaefer.


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ABOUT ZDFIN – https://zdfin.co.za

ZDFin is a specialist finance company providing smart solutions for Sectional Title Bodies Corporate, Home Owners’ Associations and Share Block companies.  We service all residential Community Schemes affected by the Community Ombud Service Act, including non-profit companies and voluntary associations governed by a constitution. ZDFin has a wealth of practical experience in property and financial management. We understand these challenges and our range of targeted financial products can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual scheme.

CEO, Michael Schaefer was previously a director and shareholder at Trafalgar, the country’s biggest residential property administration company, started by his father over 50 years ago.  His move to establish ZDFin was in part motivated by the 2016 Sectional Titles Schemes Management Act.

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