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Let’s Get Physical (Michael Schaefer – 6th June 2024)

Let’s Get Phsycial

(6th June 2024 – Johannesburg)


These videos were recorded at the last LET’S GET PHYSICAL event which took place in Johannesburg on the 6th of June 2024. In these videos we hear our Michael Schaefer, the founder of ZDFin, share some of his thoughts about the EMA (Executive Managing Agent) service within the Property Industry.

Michael Schaefer shares some insight into ZDFin’s EMA capabilities.

Michael Schaefer talks about how ZDFin structures it’s team to provide EMA services.

Michael Schaefer shares information about some of the daily challenges which the industry faces with regards Community Schemes.

The next LET’S GET PHYSICAL event is on the 11th of July 2024, in Port Elizabeth.

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