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With the 1st of September marking meteorological Spring, a lot of us will be eagerly awaiting the warmer weather to come, but with this, come the annul rains in most parts of the country.

At this stage in the year, we can only hope that most schemes have their AGM’s in the rear-view mirror and their MAINTENANCE PLANS approved, they having been diligently seen to and already in progress or to be actioned in the near future.

If not, then unpleasant consequences are potentially / likely in store.

This may sound dramatic, however, the often inadvertent (noting not always easily or readily in sight) neglect of roof, gutter, drain and boundary wall maintenance will soon be put to the test, once the rains start falling. Irrespective of the part of the country you live in and the nature of the seasonal maintenance issues facing you as a compliant body corporate or home owners’ association, what can you do to ensure that you have your maintenance schedule in hand and the funds allocated, in order to be prepared and ‘safe’ in the coming months?

“Planning for annual seasonal maintenance is exceptionally important in order for schemes to run efficiently and for Trustees to meet the legal and fiduciary requirements of the members they serve,” Schaefer emphasises. “Problems arise if this proactive maintenance isn’t done and it only gets worse and more costly (exponentially in instances), as the problems accumulate.”

From experience, we’ve found that cash flow in many schemes is often a barrier to action and as a result, essential maintenance work is often ignored until it becomes critical.

This is where ZDFin is able to step in and provide real, affordable solutions to what may seem overwhelming limitations, giving schemes the relief and assistance they need, without incurring crippling costs.

“With ZDFin’s years of experience in the property management and maintenance arena, we are able to offer timeous, long lasting solutions, rather than simply point out the problems,” says Schaefer.

ZDFin adds value one solution at a time.

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