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“We’re incredibly pleased to have had solid growth in 2022 and ended on a stronger note than at the start of the year,” says ZDFin CEO, Michael Schaefer.

“Celebrating two years in a new business that has been so impacted by the challenging economy and many of the infrastructural issues facing South Africa, has helped us stay focused on our game,” he adds. “We continue to expand our national footprint, barely managing to keep up with demand for financial solutions, while we have actively launched our Levy Finance offerings, with our first clients incepted during the latter half of this year.  Things look extremely promising for 2023.”

Schaefer says that the interest rate hike, ongoing rolling black-outs and skyrocketing energy costs have all impacted on the uncomfortable situation many community schemes find themselves in.  “Owners are battling to keep up with the payment of levies, general and special maintenance plans and the cost of electricity and water.  This is where ZDFin is really making the most impact, as we specilise in tailor-making solutions, with one or a combination of financial products, to suit each schemes’ specific needs and requirements.”

“As an Executive Managing Agent (EMA) for a growing list of clients, we have been able to show owners that when ZDFin takes on a scheme, we totally deliver on our promises, because we are invested in each and every scheme and driven by positive outcomes.  We work with the scheme’s appointed Managing Agents, to secure the best results for the trustees and owners.”

A key attraction for enlisting the services of an EMA, is that they take over the role and responsibilities of the Trustees and ‘step into their shoes’, not only for the day-to-day decisions that the Trustees would normally make, but also the know-how and knowledge of all applicable compliance and legislative requirements. There will no longer be a need for any Trustees if an EMA is appointed.

Schaefer notes that this year alone, ZDFin has been able to assist 100% of their EMA clients to transform their under-performing residential community schemes into viable entities once again and over 60% of schemes have self-funded the EMA costs within the first three months of ZDFin being appointed. This through the over 50 years of cumulative levy finance and property management experience ZDFin is able to bring to the table and the skilled network of specialists they work with, who are able to approach the plethora of management problems holistically, offering practical, affordable solutions.

“Our rates,  costing and tailored offerings are more competitive than the other players in the market,” emphasises Schaefer. “We offer more choice and have the practical experience to back it up. There really is no substitute for experience, especially in the property industry, especially the scheme market.”


Joanne Hayes, Tumbleweed Communications

Tel:  +27 (0)83 6277249                                   e-mail:  tigerjo@iafrica.com

ABOUT ZDFIN – https://zdfin.co.za/

ZDFin is a specialist finance company providing smart solutions for Sectional Title Bodies Corporate, Home Owners’ Associations and Share Block companies.  We service all residential Community Schemes affected by the Community Ombud Service Act, including non-profit companies and voluntary associations governed by a constitution. ZDFin has a wealth of practical experience in property and financial management. We understand these challenges and our range of targeted financial products can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual scheme. Schaefer was previously a director and shareholder at Trafalgar, the country’s biggest residential property administration company, started by his father over 50 years ago.

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