Maintenance Plan Facility Finance

While Scheme (specifically Bodies Corporates) dependent, avoid large fluctuations in reserve levies by utilising ZDFin’s Maintenance Plan Facility Finance; integral to any maintenance program, is a professionally done maintenance plan with a specific focus on not only scope but also scope combination and compression to maximise cost reach and efficiency. All too often schemes are forced to see to maintenance work(s) piecemeal and are (also) not able to combine scope(s) which would lead to greater efficiencies and longer-term cost savings given immediate limitations of available reserves and cash flow parameters.

You can avoid large fluctuations in reserve levies by utilising ZDFin’s Maintenance Plan Facility Finance. Integral to any maintenance plan is a professionally scoped maintenance plan for only legislated for sectional title bodies corporate. It must have a specific focus on how what work is envisaged over what period.

The combined effect must be to maximize cost and efficiency. All too often schemes are forced,  given limited reserves and cash flow parameters, to consider maintenance work on a  piecemeal basis. But if they were to logically combine certain jobs they would enjoy greater efficiencies and long-term cost savings. ZDFin’s Maintenance Plan Facility Finance only allows for the appointment of well-known industry professional maintenance companies to assist with the scheme’s (legally required) maintenance plan. It also structures finance to not only ensure the most beneficial sequence and combination of work but also ensures professionally scoped and managed maintenance work in the medium to long term. This results in substantial savings to all owners unhindered by short-term financial constraints.

Maintenance Plan Facility Finance allows a smooth, reasonable and predictable reserve levy over a term, giving owners peace of mind and protection from unexpected and wildly fluctuating levies.

The benefits of ZDFin’s Maintenance Plan Facility Finance:

  1. A professional maintenance plan for the scheme
  2. Expert scoping of all work and projects
  3. A full tender process, evaluation and recommendations
  4. Finance for critical maintenance work to ensuring long to medium-term cost savings
  5. No fluctuating reserve levies
  6. No special levies
  7. A favourable interest rate
  8. No long term contracts

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