Funding long term maintenance can be a nightmare.

Planning and financing this requires specialist skills, from engineering too accounting.

Body corporate trustees or scheme directors seldom possess these skills or, as volunteers, don’t always have the time to put together comprehensive maintenance plans.

They are the custodians of what is typically most owners biggest single investment.

The law demands they raise and accumulate surpluses over a term, which is like chasing a moving target.

They have to avoid the risks associated with funding being spent on operational and administrative costs and cash flow pressures arising from escalating arrears and associated collection (legal) costs.

How do they navigate this tricky terrain?

It is best to turn to experts who can give them viable alternatives to consider.  Loan finance is available with minimal fuss; on favourable terms (with no personal sureties) and guaranteed turnaround times.

The benefits of our products and services

  1. Enables immediate restoration of required work(s)
  2. Allows for effective budgeting and financial management
  3. Eliminates cash flow pressure and enables effective budgeting and forecasting
  4. Favourable interest rate
  5. No long-term contracts nor penalty for early settlement

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