While the new legislation that was promulgated and came into effect on the 7 October 2016 gives some direction to specifically sectional title bodies corporate insofar as budgeting is concerned (this through the Sectional Title Schemes Management Act; as implied not the case for homeowners’ associations or share block companies), the practical reality is schemes are still challenged in raising adequate reserves to fund large maintenance and capital projects, these which may or may not form part of their 10-year maintenance plan(s).

Ongoing and increasing levels of indebtedness, exacerbated by a weak economy, are also compromising the ability of schemes’ financial wellbeing and often funds ring-fenced in the scheme’s reserve fund – per legislative directive – are utilized out of necessity to fund administrative fund shortfalls which further compromises the ability of the scheme to carry out both routine and planned maintenance which, ultimately, leads to the erosion of value for all owners alike.

ZDFin, with a wealth of practical experience in property and property financial management, understands these challenges; our financial product range has been formulated, is and remains tried and tested, to address a range of financial challenges all tailor-made for your scheme.