Meet The Team

ZDFin - Meet The Team

Alexis Townsley

With a Diploma in Financial Accounting and years of hands-on experience across the full accounting spectrum, Alexis brings her remarkable skills coupled with a ‘wicked’ sense of humour to the ZDFin team.  Responsible for maintaining the checks and balances for ZDFin‘s clients, Lexi has her finger on the pulse of everything from SARS compliance, to the management accounts for our Executive Managing Agent (EMA) clients and self-managed buildings.  Her expertise is a vital element in the exceptional level of service and delivery ZDFin offers its clients.

When she is not working, you’ll find Lexi outdoors –  gardening or hiking.

Amdené Viljoen

Amdené is an admitted attorney, with an LLB from the Northwest University campus in Potchefstroom; Amdené is a dedicated attorney with in excess of 10 years’ experience in Community Scheme Management and Debt Collections.

Having represented Community Schemes in the court room, and later within a national property management company, Amdené has honed her skills and Specialised Debt Levy Collection, Property Management, and Dispute Resolution within community schemes.

Her meticulous attention to detail and deep understanding of Sectional Title Legislation has allowed her to effectively navigate complex legal frameworks and makes her an asset to the ZDFin team attending to both financed and non-financed levy collection matters.

Amdené also heads ZDFin’s Cape Town office which provides localised support and services to our Executive Managing Agent (EMA) clients in the Cape.

Bianca Botha

Bianca joined ZDFin’s Executive Managing Agent team in April 2024. With over 8 years of dedicated experience in property management, Bianca brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our esteemed team.

Bianca is known for her positive attitude, strong work ethics, and her keen eye for detail. These qualities have defined her successful career in the industry thus far.

Bianca’s dedication to excellence and her commitment to delivering high-quality results, make her a valuable addition to the team. With Bianca on board, we are confident that her skills, experience, and passion will further bolster our position in the industry and contribute to the continued success of ZDFin.

Chanelle Strydom

Chanelle has 20 years’ plus experience in the Sectional Title Industry (both in Property Management and Insurance) and heads up ZDFin’s insurance division; Chanelle has completed her RE5 and FETC (NQF Level 4) in short-term insurance.

With a keen understanding of the intricacies of sectional title insurance and a passion for ensuring comprehensive coverage for community schemes, Chanelle plays a vital role in safeguarding the interests of both property owners and residents. Her commitment to excellence, and unwavering focus on client satisfaction, makes her a trusted advisor.

Chanelle’s strategic approach to managing claims, and her proactive engagement with insurers, sets her apart as a skilled professional who consistently delivers optimal outcomes for her clients. By fostering strong relationships with insurance providers and staying abreast of industry trends, she ensures that ZDFin’s sectional title insurance division remains at the forefront of the market.

David Hirshowitz

David joined ZDFin as the Financial Director in December 2023, bringing with him a wealth of financial knowledge and experience.

David is a chartered accountant with more than 10 years post articles experience, having completed his studies at the University of the Witwatersrand and articles at EY. Post articles, David spent three years in financial services and retail, following which he joined a Large Community Scheme Property Management Group of Companies in 2016 where he was the national operational head of accounting. During his seven year tenure, he managed the accounting teams nationally whilst implementing effective accounting principles and procedures.

David is known for his meticulous attention to detail and his ability to streamline financial processes; he excels in optimizing financial performance, be it for the ZDFIN Group or ZDFIN’s valued clients. His proactive approach to financial planning and his commitment to upholding the highest standards of integrity set him apart as a leader in the field.

David’s collaborative spirit and strong leadership skills enable him to effectively oversee the financial operations of ZDFin, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and driving financial excellence across the organization. His dedication to fostering strong relationships with Executive Managing Agent clients underscores his commitment to providing tailored financial solutions that meet clients specific needs.

David’s passion for delivering exceptional results and his vision for sustainable financial growth make him an invaluable asset to the ZDFin team.

Marina Roma

Marina Roma is a dedicated paralegal and skilled levy collector who has been honing her levy collection skills since 2001.

Marina’s expertise in levy collection extends to managing debt recovery efforts, drafting and reviewing CSOS applications as well as liaising with stakeholders and external attorneys to ensure prompt and transparent communication throughout the collection process.

Marina’s proactive approach to addressing legal challenges and her commitment to upholding industry best practices make her an asset to the Levy Finance team.

Matthew Dean

Matthew, the dedicated Maintenance Manager at ZDFin, joined the team in early 2023, on the back of seven years of maintenance experience in the Sectional Title Industry.

Matthew plays a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth operation and upkeep of all properties under the company’s purview. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, Matthew oversees all Executive Managing Agent maintenance tasks and site inspections, delivering top-notch service to community scheme clients on a monthly basis. He carefully vets contractors to ensure the schemes have their maintenance needs met by competent, suitable and reliable contractors; as well as ensuring Schemes, where ZDFin is the duly appointed Executive Managing Agent, are fire compliant and have valid COC’s where Schemes have electric fences and elevators.

In addition to his regular maintenance duties, Matthew is actively involved in monitoring projects financed by ZDFin, conducting on-site inspections to ensure that everything is progressing according to plan. His presence on the ground not only reassures clients, but also helps to identify and address any potential issues before they escalate, demonstrating his commitment to delivering quality results and exceptional service. His dedication to quality assurance and his proactive approach to maintenance make him an invaluable member of the ZDFin team, ensuring that properties are well-maintained and projects stay on track to success.

Michael Schaefer (Founder)

Michael founded ZDFin just shy of four years ago, after an eighteen-year career as executive director of a large national managing agent.

Since its inception, ZDFin has grown exponentially in terms of both its financial product offering(s) and executive managing agent capability, leveraging off both his and the teams’ “in the trenches” property management experience, unrivalled by any of their competitors.

Michael’s passion and enthusiasm for the industry is well known, and he brings a refreshing perspective to the industry as we know it.

Michelle Yutar

Michelle is the Financial Manager at ZDFin and has a wealth of experience in the financial sector of Community Scheme Property Management.

Joining the team in 2020, Michelle has been an integral part of ZDFin’s journey from its inception, contributing significantly to the company’s financial success and growth.

With her specialised knowledge in Community Scheme finance and related mechanics, Michelle plays a crucial role in managing all aspects of the company’s finances. Her in-depth understanding of financial principles and regulations allows her to oversee the day-to-day financial operations of ZDFin with precision and diligence, ensuring that the company’s accounts are well-maintained and compliant.

Michelle’s dedication, expertise, and unwavering commitment to the team and excellence make her an invaluable asset to the ZDFin team.

Milly Binha

Milly Binha is the friendly and efficient receptionist at ZDFin, where she serves as the first point of contact for clients, visitors, and staff. With Milly’s welcoming smile and professional demeanor, she ensures that everyone who walks through the doors of ZDFin feels valued and attended to.

Milly’s warm personality and dedication to providing excellent service, creates a positive and inviting atmosphere at ZDFin, setting the tone for a successful and productive work environment.

Whether directing guests to the appropriate departments, taking calls or assisting with administrative tasks, Milly’s professionalism and reliability make her an invaluable asset to both colleagues and clients alike.

Nicola Schaefer

Nicola is an admitted attorney with an LLB degree and over 13 years of experience in all aspects pertaining to Levy Collections and Legal Management.

Following seven years in the Sectional Title Industry as a legal adviser, she joined the ZDFin team in 2020 during its founding stages.

Nicola is ZDFin’s in-house legal advisor and oversees all legal matters, including those of our Levy Finance solutions, Executive Managing Agent (EMA) buildings, drafting of contracts and the management of our in-house property portfolio.

Nicola’s passion is to be involved in the rehabilitation of financially distressed schemes, and she happily gets involved wherever there is a need – from overseeing the legal matters to getting her hands dirty in maintenance and renovations.

Roxzanne Budler

Roxzanne joined the ZDFin team in July 2023 and is responsible for all the background administration and support on ZDFin’s EMA portfolio.

Roxzanne has close to 10 years’ active experience in the property management industry after obtaining her B.Com from the University of Johannesburg, and is a vital part of the operational team and a valued asset.

Shem Phiri

Shem is ZDFin’s Driver, Meter Reader, Maintenance Inspector.

Shem’s responsibilities extend to acting as a Personal Shopper for Executive Managing Agent clients, fulfilling their shopping needs and delivering items with care and efficiency.

His friendly demeanour and willingness to go above and beyond to meet client requirements make him a valuable asset in providing personalized service and fostering strong client relationships. He can often be seen on the ground in the buildings and estates we manage, meeting with contractors on-site, ensuring that all is running smoothly on the ground and actioning for attention, any problems or issues

Shem plays a crucial role in supporting the Executive Managing Agent clients and maintaining high standards of service delivery.

Taylor Daniels

As ZDFin’s Head of Property; Taylor brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the Executive Managing Agent team and joined ZDFin in March 2021, as employee number five.

Taylor is a seasoned property professional with extensive experience in Community Scheme Property Management and is responsible for the management of all property-related operations within the Company.

In addition to her expertise in property management, she carefully evaluates potential projects and make allowances in Community Scheme budgets while maximizing returns on invested funds.

Taylor encourages her team members to think creatively and embrace new ideas, resulting in improved operational efficiencies and exceptional service delivery.